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CashChain Tip 3: Transport Is Not Transport It Is Inventory In Motion

January 15, 2015


CashChain Tip 3:  Transport is not transport it is inventory in motion The execution of what seems to be a  simple concept (using transported inventory as inventory in motion not  “lost” inventory between origin and destination for a period of time)  seems to be laced with human change challenges that would make “who moved my […]

Tip 2 in “CashChain”… understanding Free Cash Flow vs. Book Income

January 7, 2015


Free Cash flow When running a business and in particular starting a business from little knowledge of the difference between what is cashflow and what is income is critical. Free Cashflow loosely defined is the flow of cash after paying expenses into your business on a daily, weekly, month basis.  Formally defined as FCF is […]