Blockchain decentralized computing a new Opportunity in Supply Chain S&OP Technology

Posted on January 10, 2018


Distributed, Decentralized computing is going to become “cool” and smart this year vs. big centralized IT architectures ! In the case of S&OP, supply chain, logistics, inventory blockchain will enable solving some challenges and problems just not solvable with the same old server in our of a cloud !   



See this quote from CEO of Paypal today… will get you thinking That means every retailer who accepts bitcoin — such as Inc. (OSTK) — has to trade in the cryptocurrency for fiat currency to lock in value. “I think you need to separate out the bitcoin or cryptocurrencies as currencies and the underlying protocol called blockchain,” Schulman added. Schulman said blockchain will be a “real breakthrough” for technologies founded on forms of distributed trust, and PayPal has ample room for innovation in the space for everything from contracts to real estate to financial services. “I don’t think of blockchain as a competitor at all to PayPal or to other financial services companies,” Schulman said. While PayPal has made innovative blockchain moves, it’s still “years” behind the likes of Visa Inc. (V) or MasterCard Inc. (MA) , Brendler noted.

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