Collaboration Framework for Supply Chain Synchronization

Posted on September 2, 2021


This framework we used to use in the early 90’s when introducing tools like Lotus Notes to the collaborate computing world is key to supply chain / S&OP data synchronization. The lower right that Gartner in this new report calls “asynchronous” and distributed that we more simply call “different place different time” collaboration. For example an OEM plans production but a Contract Manufactuter also plans and allocated production and capacity and different times and at different locations in different times zones. How do they merger their view of commitments ?

Reality nothing in the supply chain technology world for last 15 years has focused on this problem except maybe DCRA and our work on collaborative, decentralized S&OP and supply chain execution data aggregation to feed plans.

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Here is link to Gartners 8-2021 simple report on this topic of generic collaboration. Our point is this is sorely needed in supply chain yet NONE of the major application vendors offer anything. They all just YELL CLOUD as much as they can like having separate, lower server cost from virtual machines of the same application stack they created 20 years ago like it address collaboration. In many case Cloud makes real collaboration harder and more complex

Study and if interested can give you access to our new Beta service for manufacturer’s to collaborate on S&OP plans

Intentional Collaboration in a Hybrid World
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