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Blockchain decentralized computing a new Opportunity in Supply Chain S&OP Technology

January 10, 2018


Distributed, Decentralized computing is going to become “cool” and smart this year vs. big centralized IT architectures ! In the case of S&OP, supply chain, logistics, inventory blockchain will enable solving some challenges and problems just not solvable with the same old server in our of a cloud !      See this quote from […]

S&OP, a vision for the future. The expert interview series #5

August 23, 2017


Originally posted on Supply Chain Trend:
Introduction In the last 30 years S&OP improved performance in many businesses. However, S&OP has not yet substantially delivered on its ultimate promise of enterprise wide resource management, rolling financial forecasting and strategy deployment. Whatever maturity model or consultancy support companies use, S&OP seems to get stuck. Worse, overall…

Electric Car’s Same Old Problem

May 23, 2017


The author of this article about electric cars and Tesla did a nice job stating the obvious Written from a design engineering use case perspective.   Why should consumers accept less functionality and durability for alot more money ?  Bottom line they should not and will not and is why Tesla’s losses will continue to […]

Volume production testing at Tesla

April 26, 2017


A very well written, short thought provoking article challenging Tesla and Elon Musk’s position on skipping pre-production prototypes Likely it is volume production that will be Musk and Tesla’s Achilles Heal ?    

Zero Inventory Business

February 17, 2017


Yes, this is possible we have been helping clients add products to their portfolio that allows lead time of supply to be shorter then lead time of demand.  This results in negative working capital. The key to sustaining and growing this concept is an S&OP culture, mindset and enabling tools and process A nice article […]

Cloud computing has risks… Your S&OP Should not be restricted to the Cloud

February 15, 2017


A Inc. we created S&OP solutions in early 2001 for large clients like Siemens. We continue to offer this hybrid solution approach of world class patented technology with rapid impact consulting to our clients. Our approach has been to avoid the pre-ordained business models of pure software or pure consulting and especially to look with […]

US Mfgr / Supply Chain message to Trump Adminstration

February 1, 2017


Here is a quickly written “feedback” I wrote to Editor of Supply Chain Digest couple weeks back.  Please let me know how you feel about this patriotic leverage of S&OP / Supply chain for US advantage / job creation ?   Recent PR published     YOUR FEEDBACK More the great Feedback we received on […]